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Crafting Memorable First Impressions with Premium Custom Office Signs

Signscapes transforms your vision into distinguished office signage, far surpassing typical local offerings. Our artisans blend architectural-grade materials with innovative designs to craft custom signs that enhance your professional space. Whether you're seeking sophisticated corporate signs in materials like cut metal, acrylic, or etched glass, or prefer panel-type and individually mounted letter signage, we tailor each piece to your specific needs, including advanced backlighting options.

Our aim is to guide you seamlessly through the customization process, ensuring your signage perfectly reflects your desired ambiance, decor, and budget, making a profound professional statement.

Common Lobby Sign Types

Dimensional Lobby Signs

Select from an assortment of architectural-grade metals, acrylics, and metal laminates. Every letter and segment of your logo is precisely cut and affixed to your wall individually. This personalized approach ensures that your signage not only captures the essence of your brand but also enhances the visual appeal of your environment with a distinctive and professional touch.

Back Panel Signs

Mounting your sign on a panel not only introduces an architectural flair but also enhances its visibility, while simplifying both installation and relocation. Explore a diverse selection of panel materials, such as transparent or frosted acrylic, glass, brushed aluminum, and wood, to elevate your sign with style and convenience.

Illuminated Lobby Signs

Enhance the visibility of your sign with our energy-efficient, low-voltage LED back-lighting. We offer a range of illuminated options, including individually crafted backlit letters, precision reverse-cut metal panels, and sleek edge-lit glass signs, ensuring your message shines brightly and captures attention.

Quality-Driven Clientele

Medical Office Logo Signs

Medical office lobby logo signage serves as a vital touchpoint, conveying professionalism and trust to patients upon entry. Crafted with precision, these signs enhance the healthcare environment, reflecting the care and attention dedicated to patient services.

Law Office Logo Signs

Law office lobby signage stands as a testament to the firm's credibility and expertise, welcoming clients with an air of professionalism and confidence. These meticulously designed signs underscore the firm's commitment to justice and client advocacy, setting the tone for the legal services provided.

Corporate Office Logo Signs

Corporate brand office lobby logo signage acts as a cornerstone of brand identity, instantly communicating the company's values and stature to visitors and employees alike. Skillfully crafted, this signage not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the office environment but also reinforces the professionalism and ambition driving the corporate mission.

Premium Materials

Cast Metals

Hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters and logos of the highest quality, with a variety of finish options, including brushed, polished, oxidized, and anodized.

Cut Metals

Flat Cut Metal letters and logos are durable, customizable, and work for indoor and outdoor signage. They are stylish enough for the boardroom, yet tough enough for any outdoor environment.

Fabricated Metal

Opt for an array of materials and finishes for a standout look. We custom-make letters and logos to your specifications, ensuring quality with narrow strokes, deep returns, and precision fabrication.

Cut Acrylics

Flat cut acrylic is customizable for almost any application. Starting with acrylic sheets, we laser cut your design with exacting precision and create a sharp and beautiful finished product.

Formed Plastic

Crafted from durable, UV-resistant, and fully recyclable non-petroleum plastic, our formed letters and logos offer extensive customization options to align with any letter style or logo, all while championing environmental sustainability.

Injection Molded

Our injection molded letters, with their smooth contours, crisp edges, and flawless surfaces, masterfully mimic the elegance of cast metal within a plastic medium, offering a refined aesthetic and tactile experience.


From exhibitions and retail environments to lobby receptions, elevate your projects with sophisticated laminate display letters. These artfully blend metals, plastics, and unique materials, ensuring your work shines in any setting.

Wood & Specialty

Wood and other specialty materials can exude an unparalleled elegance, bringing a touch of warmth and uniqueness to any setting. The distinctiveness of wood alone will elevate the ambiance of the any space.